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Mentoring New Associates

Are you going to be working with a new associate, or possibly a summer associate? Are you ready to make a meaningful impact on the next generation of legal professionals? Discover how you can become an effective mentor with CEB’s insightful white paper, Mentoring New Associates: Nine Steps on How to Guide and Inspire Your Mentees.

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Launch Your Law Firm’s Next Success Story

We’ve taken our decades of experience and have developed a 7-step guide, designed to help you navigate the complexities of this process. Our new white paper, How to Launch a New Practice Group at Your Law Firm: A 7-Step Guide from Preparation to Liftoff, offers a clear and practical roadmap for success

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Discover the untapped potential of legal research in our latest white paper, How to Leverage Legal Research for Marketing and Business Development. This insightful guide reveals how you can leverage the research tools you already have to drive your firm’s marketing and business development efforts.

CEB’s History

As a self-supporting organization part of the University of California, we have 75+ years of service to the legal community. Read about our journey from post-WWII beginnings to today’s premier authority on legal research, practical guidance, and education.

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