Key Statutory Developments
for California Attorneys

What’s New in 2023?

CEB has reviewed all the new laws from this year’s legislative cycle to bring you concise outlines of the key statutory changes for California lawyers in seven practice areas. Click below to read more about the key developments impacting your practice and your clients.

Key Developments for Business Lawyers

Better protections for car buyers, established standards for substance use disorder treatment facilities, insurance and privacy abortion protections, and new regulations on social media companies.

Key Developments for Civil Litigators

Medical malpractice damage cap increases, new private right of action against makers of illegal guns. and abortion medical data protected from being released.

Key Developments for Criminal Lawyers

New licensing scheme for bounty hunters, diversion available for repeat theft offenses, CARE courts, and abortion medical data protected from being released.

Key Developments for Employment Lawyers

Gender equity in pay, discrimination for off-work cannabis use, expanded access to family and disability leave, “chosen family” leave standard , and protections for fast-food workers.

Key Developments for Family Lawyers

“Chosen Family” leave standard adopted and parents’ mental health in child custody cases now addressed.

Key Developments for Personal Injury Lawyers

Medical malpractice damage caps raised, with plans for annual increases and future inflation adjustments.

Key Developments for Real Property Lawyers

Redaction of unlawful restrictive covenants, conveying ADUs under AB 345, significant changes to the Revocable Transfer on Death Deeds (RTODDs) statutes, and more.

Key Developments for Trust & Estate Lawyers

Supported Decision-making and CARE court both create alternatives to conservatorships.