Key Statutory Developments
for California Attorneys

What’s New in 2024?

CEB has reviewed all the new laws from this year’s legislative cycle to bring you concise outlines of the key statutory changes for California lawyers in seven practice areas. Click below to read more about the key developments impacting your practice and your clients.

Key Developments for Business Lawyers

Restitution for consumer fraud victims, banning of hidden consumer fees, promoting diversity in venture capital firms, and new regulations on digital assets.

Key Developments for Civil Litigators

Discovery in California civil cases is now more aligned with Federal civil cases and discovery sanctions increased.

Key Developments for Criminal Lawyers

Specification on who may conduct probation searches and expanded opportunity for Informal Supervision for minors.

Key Developments for Employment Lawyers

Increased paid sick leave, required reproductive loss leave, enhanced retaliation protections, expanded and extended rehire rights, required workplace violence prevention plans, alternative enforcement of the labor code, and appeals on arbitration motions.

Key Developments for Family Lawyers

Increased protections for victims of domestic including “virtual visitation” and limited discovery, and expanded the basis for involuntary commitment.

Key Developments for Real Property Lawyers

Increased scrutiny to the Net-Zero Claims of California Companies, and extended and expanded the streamlined approval process for urban housing.

Key Developments for Trust & Estate Lawyers

Expanded definition of “gravely disabled,” a legal standard for involuntarily detaining and conserving individuals.