Criminal Law Solutions
Do you have CEB’s incomparable “crim law bible”? You should, because California has the largest court system in the country, and criminal matters comprise the majority of the caseload. CEB understands the demanding and high stakes world of prosecution and defense in California, where the law is complex and a high volume of case law developments happen daily. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a criminal law practice novice, you can count of CEB’s resources to answer your questions and help you pursue a just result.

Legal Research Solutions

CEB’s complete legal research solution. Get every practice guide CEB offers that’s relevant to your personal injury practice, starting with our authoritative practice guides, including comprehensive coverage of criminal law procedural guidance anchored by the “crim law bible”; search and seizure; sentencing enhancements; evidentiary issues; and much more. You can also research California, 9th Circuit, and U.S. Supreme Court cases and California statutes. Includes TrueCite™, so you can always be sure the cases you’re citing to contain good law.  

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The classic online secondary sources solution for California lawyers. Get CEB’s authoritative practice guides, in curated practice area libraries that meet the needs of your practice. Start with comprehensive coverage of criminal law procedural guidance, anchored by the “crim law bible,” and also research search and seizure, sentencing enhancements, evidentiary issues, and much more.   

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MCLE Solutions

Your Passport offers you unlimited CLE with 24/7 access to CEB’s complete library of on-demand CLE videos, with over 600 programs and 900+ to choose from. New content is added every week, so you can be sure there’s always robust coverage of the topics and issues that are relevant to you and your practice. 

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Law Books

Practice Guides

Our practice guides are renowned for their authoritative content. The expert guidance from CEB’s contributors— experienced California lawyers and judges—gives you a quick and dependable starting point for your legal research. CEB practice guides are distinguished by clear and thoughtful organization and include background, guidance, checklists, select legal forms, and more. For some titles, you can also add a Forms CD to your order.  

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Forms Manuals

Our Forms Manuals put a select number of the most important and most-used forms at your fingertips. Conveniently sized, logically organized, and easy to use, they give you a head start on drafting for the most frequently encountered practice situations. Forms CDs are available as an add on.  

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Action Guides

Designed as a quick print reference, Action Guides break down complex legal tasks into manageable steps, focusing on procedures and plans that help you complete time-sensitive matters on schedule and without problems. Within each guide, you’ll find comparisons of available options, details to consider, deadlines to meet, copies of legal forms to use, and case and treatise references. 

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