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We make the tools that help California lawyers work smarter.

Who We Are and What We Do 

We are Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB), providing innovative resources and practice-oriented tools that help attorneys better serve their clients. From online legal research and MCLE to forms solutions and print books, CEB strives to make high-quality legal information accessible to everyone, from rural solo practices to large law firms.   

CEB was founded in 1947, with the mandate to educate veterans returning to the practice of law after service in World War II. As a not-for-profit program of the University of California CEB is driven by the needs of the California legal community rather than by profit margins. Unlike many other legal content providers, our writing, editing, and production take place in-state and in-house, so our customers can practice law with the solid assurance that they are backed by the very best California-focused tools and information. We are proud of what we do, and our customers’ success is our success.   

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Open Positions

Although located in Oakland, California, CEB is a nonprofit program of the University of California and posts jobs to the UCLA careers site.

Oakland, CA

Most of our workforce went remote during the pandemic, but CEB utilizes office space in the UC Office of the President building in beautiful Oakland, CA.

Combination Culture: Startup / University

We are committed to investing in our employees and providing them with opportunities to grow both personally and professionally—and to be recognized for their efforts. 

CEB employees like it here; we tend to come and stay for a long time. Why? Working at CEB combines the excitement and intellectual challenges of working for a tech startup with the stability of working for one of the world’s leading university systems. CEB’s recent digital transformation has ramped up new opportunities and the chance to learn new skills; at the same time, CEB employees are University of California employees; which comes with stability and a great set of benefits. 

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Our Teams



CEB is known as the most trusted provider of authoritative legal content in California. You can be a part of writing and editing that content, working with the best and brightest judges and attorneys in the state.



The best thing about being on CEB’s marketing team is that you constantly get the chance to learn new things. Whether we’re writers, designers, coding geeks, or conversion specialists, we all work together to let California attorneys know how CEB can help them succeed and thrive.


Admin & HR

Our administrative and HR team has the challenge of providing strategic managerial, operational, and leadership support for a $26M nonprofit organization that is part of the University of California. This means that team members need business acumen, a real community spirit, and excellent judgement.


Sales & Customer Experience

Our sales team works with solo attorneys and law firms to provide the best solutions. Once a sale is complete, our customer experience team takes over to ensure customer success. That’s why, when a customer calls CEB, they talk to a real person in our Oakland office. Join us in helping attorneys develop their business and best serve their clients.



Our team has brought CEB’s renowned legal research products into the digital age. Now the team is making sure California attorneys can continue to get the information they need, when and how they need it, while developing new cutting-edge tools and products. While you help CEB focus, develop, and grow, you’ll have room to do the same.



Our IT team has had the interesting challenge of helping a print publishing organization make the leap to becoming digital legal research organization. And there’s lots left for you to do! The team is still hard at work making sure all CEB’s back end systems work smoothly for every customer and employee—every day.


CEB is a department within the University of California. UC works hard to be a good employer and to be a place where people are rewarded for their contributions by providing competitive salaries, good benefits, a stimulating and supportive work environment and opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

CEB Employees are UC employees, which provides our team with a very generous benefit package:

Retirement Options

Pension plan: The University of California Retirement Plan is a traditional pension plan, providing a predictable level of retirement income for vested employees. The employee contributes 7% of her/his pay and the university contributes an equivalent of 8 percent of the employee’s pay toward his or her pension plan.

403B choice: For employees who prefer a defined contribution plan, they may choose to have their University contribution go to a 403B plan.

Health and wellness: Date-of-hire health benefits, with dental and vision care premiums 100 percent paid by UC.

Vacation and holidays: For most full-time staff, this includes approximately 15 working days per year to start, increasing based on years of service, and 13 paid holidays.

Sick leave: Approximately one eight-hour day accrued each month.

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