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Create the bandwidth for better business outcomes.

Entity governance and regulatory and compliance complexities remain top in-house priorities for 2024, but attorneys struggle with competing priorities and insufficient bandwidth to achieve their business goals. With Practitioner In-House, you can streamline your workload and expertly handle the employment compliance, commercial real estate, business governance, and litigation matters cluttering your desk. Contact us for plans and pricing.


Track CA’s changing laws.

Stay up-to-date on all the latest legal developments impacting employment law, real estate, regulatory and compliance, and more, with access to DailyNews.


Confidently manage litigation.

Get the insider’s cheat sheet to litigation in California superior courts, so you can better understand how outside counsel are handling your litigation strategy.


Employment law compliance.

Advise your company on employee handbooks, leave laws, wrongful termination, wage and hour issues, and so much more.


Reduce outsourcing costs.

Reduce reliance on outside counsel for business law and commercial real estate matters. 


A true business partner. 

From corporate governance matters to fudiciary duties and business contracts, you’ll be an indispensable business partner for your company.


Best-in-class case law citator. 

When you have to do in-depth legal research, rely on TrueCite® for the most accurate citator on the market for California, 9th Circuit, and U.S. Supreme Court case law.

Practitioner In-House helps make legal a major value center for your company.

Are you general counsel to a company doing business in California? CEB is the best kept secret of the top law firms in California, and we can do just as much for your in-house legal team. Sometimes you need in-depth analysis and sometimes you need a sample document or task checklist. That’s why Practitioner In-House combines access to the best titles from CEB’s practice guide library, plus all the practical workflow tools you need, including sample documents with drafting notes, charts and checklists, and how-to guides. Our litigation how-to guides are written by sitting California judges to give you expert insight into how outside counsel should be managing your cases.  

Employment Law

We offer clear Workflows on the discipline and termination of employees and independent contractors, drafting and reviewing employee handbooks, employee leaves laws and other time off, wrongful termination and whistleblower retaliation issues, and a multitude of CA wage and hour concerns, including independent contractor misclassification and PAGA actions. And when you need more detailed legal analysis, you get access to CEB’s award-winning employment law library of practice guides, including Advising California Employers and Employees.

Business & Commerical Law

For in-house attorneys, legal advice is business advice. Use Practitioner’s Workflows, sample documents, and checklists to advise on fiduciary duties for partnerships, joint ventures, corporations, and LLCs, as well as business insurance matters, and more effective drafting and negotiating business contracts. You’ll also enjoy the best business law practice guides in California, including California Law of Contracts, Forming and Operating California Limited Liability Companies, Counseling California Corporations, and Privacy Compliance and Litigation in California 

California Real Estate Law 

Are you drafting, negotiating, or renegotiating commercial leases for your company? Are you struggling to unravel the complex California regulatory landscape or the requirements of local municipalities? Between CEB’s practical real property workflows and our unrivaled practice guides, Practitioner In-House will give you the confidence to operate effectively in California’s challenging and complex real estate market.

Managing Litigation in California 

You trust your outside counsel, but you still want the insight to monitor and manage your company’s litigation docket. That’s why Practitioner In-House includes access to county-specific How-To Guides, so you know exactly how litigation counsel should be handling matters in Los Angeles County v. San Francisco County. It also includes robust case law search of California, 9th Circuit, and U.S. Supreme Court case law, with TrueCite, CEB’s best-in-class citator.  

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Are you a General Counsel without a large legal team? Do you have a few legal professionals working with you? Contact us to get pricing information for your company. With CEB‘s deep focus on California law, Practitioner In-House has robust, state-specific coverage of the topics and practice areas that matter most to busy in-house lawyers.

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