A History of Service to the California Legal Community

Discover the rich heritage and unwavering mission of CEB.

As a self-supporting organization part of the University of California, we have 75+ years of service to the legal community. Read about our journey from post-WWII beginnings to today’s premier authority on legal research, practical guidance, and education.

Our History

CEB was founded in 1947 as a nonprofit program of the University of California to  educate veterans returning to the practice of law after service in World War II. It pioneered formal continuing legal education in the state.  

It was soon apparent that attorneys were as interested in written material as they were in presentations, an interest that translated into the development of the CEB practice book. From their initial appearance as handouts, practice books evolved into comprehensive, regularly updated, publications. 

CEB’s commitment to innovation produced early forays into tape recordings, video productions, telephone programs, and software. The CEB website was launched in 1997; online programs were introduced in 1999. Today, CEB’s resources include a suite of authoritative research, guidance, current awareness, and learning resources. 

CEB continues to set the standard for the finest research, writing, and presentation by the top lawyers in the state. 

CEB’s Milestone Accomplishments