Whether you’re looking to simply complete your 25 hours of MCLE or expand your practice and knowledge, get high-quality, California-specific CLE from experts you can trust. Choose from per-credit access, curated practice-area packages, or unlimited access.

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700+ practice-oriented programs

Get CLE content that improves your practice while meeting minimum requirements. With over 900 hours of content, you’ll find plenty of courses relevant to you and your practice. New videos are added every week.

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Only California relevant content

Why waste your time on content from jurisdictions that aren’t relevant to you as a California attorney? CEB works with expert lawyers and judges right here in California, so our content is targeted, sophisticated, and relevant.

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Participatory credit on your time

Learn when it’s convenient for you without the burden of time and travel needed for in-person courses. Midday or in the evening, pause and resume on your schedule. All CEB programs offer participatory credit and track your progress towards MCLE compliance, so all need to do is focus on learning.

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A California MCLE provider you can trust

CEB was founded as a non-profit of the University of California in 1947 for the purpose of educating veterans returning to the practice of law after service in World War II. We pioneered formal continuing legal education and continue to recruit only reputable practitioners and judges as speakers.

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Courses for the experienced practitioner

We exclusively focus on creating courses for sophisticated practitioners and attorneys willing to invest the time and energy needed to develop as professionals. Even when our courses teach the basics, we teach both nuance and mechanics of actual practice.

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Legal specialization credit

Because we focus on sophisticated content, naturally we offer LSCLE credit for certified specialists in many areas, including Appellate Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Tax Law, Trusts & Estates, and Worker’s Compensation Law.

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Three ways to access CEB MCLE

CEB MCLE is different. Unlike most other on-demand MCLE providers, we don’t sell individual courses. As attorneys ourselves, we’ve experienced choosing a course based on a short description, paying for it, and clicking play, only to find it doesn’t have the information we wanted. It’s a waste of time (and money). With fixed and affordable pricing that gives you unlimited access to all our California-specific content, you can sample the course, check the materials, and decide if it’s the right course for you and your practice before you spend an hour or more watching it out of obligation just to get the credits you paid for. We think this is the best way to make MCLE about learning, not just complying.

Available for individuals and firms, our Passport gives you unlimited access to our entire MCLE Library. This package is ideal for the attorney or firm who wants to foster professional development, increase legal knowledge, in addition to CalBar compliance.  

Why people love CLEPassport:

  • Choose your own courses
  • Quality content for a fixed, flat rate
  • Sample any course until you find the right fit
  • Access the latest courses year-round

This package is ideal for the individual attorney who wants a curated bundle of topical, relevant courses in the practice area of their choice. All 25 hours of content are chosen for you within the practice area, and include the required Legal Ethics, Competence Issues, and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society hours.  

Why people love Compliance Packages:

  • Practice-area specific packages
  • Quality programs from experts in your field
  • Achieve compliance with relevant content
  • Straight forward, reasonable pricing

Need a few extra MCLE credits or have your eye on a few specific courses? With this package, the individual attorney gets a 6- or 12-credit pass to CEB’s entire MCLE library.   

Why people love CoursePass:

  • Choose your final courses to achieve CalBar compliance
  • Easier financial commitment for access to quality content
  • Access to the latest courses as long as you have credits available

California MCLE Requirements

California Accredited Provider: 26


Compliance Group 1 (A-G)

Deadline to Report: February 1, 2025


Compliance Group 2 (H-M)

Deadline to Report: February 1, 2027


Compliance Group 3 (N-Z)

Deadline to Report: February 1, 2026

  • Completion of 25 credit hours per reporting period.
  • At least 12.5 credit hours must be participatory MCLE credit. The remainder may be participatory or self-study MCLE credit.
  • California attorneys who are certified specialists must report completion of 36 credit hours of LSCLE per reporting period in addition to10 special requirement credits.
  • Attorneys are responsible for tracking and reporting compliance, and must retain their certificates of attendance for participatory credit activities in the event of an audit.
  • California attorneys are required to have the following special requirement credits per reporting period:
    • 4 hours of ethics credit
    • 2 hours of competency issues credit, at least 1 of which must focus on prevention and detection and 1 of which may focus on attorney wellness (newly updated this year)
    • 2 hours of elimination of bias in the profession credit, at least 1 of which must be on implicit bias
    • 1 hour of technology in the practice of law credit (new requirement this year)
    • 1 hour of civility in the legal profession credit (new requirement this year)

For more information, visit The State Bar of California website.

Why choose CEB MCLE

You need sophisticated, nuanced MCLE programs relevant to your California practice that will fulfill your requirements with the State Bar and keep track of all of your certificates of attendance. CEB MCLE content is laser-focused on California law, allowing for a deeper level of discourse and practical guidance than you’ll get from a national provider. Expect more than mere compliance – use CEB MCLE to gain analysis and knowledge that will benefit your clients and make you a better lawyer.

For Individual Attorneys

Thinking of expanding your practice into a new area of law? Looking for nuanced guidance for a particular case or legal issue? CEB MCLE offers you advanced knowledge for both new and experienced lawyers, all while helping you meet the requirements of the State Bar of California.  

For Law Firms & Organizations

Give your lawyers premium CLE at fixed, affordable rates. With CEB’s deep focus on California law, the CLEPassport is an invaluable mentorship, training, and professional development tool for attorneys, paralegals, and law clerks of all levels and experience. With over 600 programs and 900+ hours of content available, you can be sure there’s always robust, state-specific coverage of the topics and practice areas that matter most to California lawyers. You’ll also be sure that your attorneys are keeping up on their requirements with the State Bar. Contact us for pricing information.

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