Public Service

CEB is a self-supporting non-profit program of the University of California. We were founded in 1947 to educate veterans returning to the practice of law after service in World War II, and we continue to focus on serving the just and fair practice of law in California today.

Our Public Service Mission

CEB seeks to improve access to justice and the delivery of legal services to underserved communities in California by educating attorneys and law students in human-centered lawyering skills, and by promoting inclusivity in the California legal industry.  

Access to Justice

The concept of access to justice is multi-faceted. It includes not only people’s ability to access the courts and obtain legal representation, but also their ability to navigate legal information and systems. CEB funds projects that seek to improve the user experience of our most vulnerable populations and create better outcomes for underserved communities. We’ve sponsored numerous community-oriented events such as the Justice & Diversity Center of the Bar Association of San Francisco. We also provide complimentary subscriptions to California incubators, programs that support and assist law school graduates in starting their own solo practices while serving the local community’s legal needs at affordable cost. 

Human-Centered Lawyering

Human-centered lawyers are those who can translate legal complexity into relatable frameworks and simplify people’s experience of legal systems and services. Through CLE programs, webinars, guidebooks, and written contentCEB helps lawyers better understand the needs of—and communicate more clearly with—their clients. 

Inclusivity in the Legal Industry

Inclusion is the act of creating an environment where all different kinds of people can thrive and succeed. Legal professionals from a variety of backgrounds are informed by their diverse lived experiences. They can better serve the diverse needs of those seeking legal counsel, as well as those making and enforcing laws. CEB offers expert content and free CLEs in human-centered lawyering and inclusivity to inspire all attorneys and law students, whatever their background, to be change leaders. 

Service in Practice

In support of these goals, CEB is proud to support educational, outreach, and pro bono activities throughout the state. We offer special discounts and programs to legal services organizations as well as providing free resources to legal incubator programs.

California law students, faculty, and staff benefit from our Academic Access Program.