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Embarking on the journey of launching a new practice group at your law firm is an exciting venture, filled with potential for growth and innovation. Whether you’re aiming to capitalize on emerging legal trends or enhance your firm’s service offerings, a strategic approach is essential for success.

We’ve taken our decades of experience and have developed a 7-step guide, designed to help you navigate the complexities of this process. Our new white paper, How to Launch a New Practice Group at Your Law Firm: A 7-Step Guide from Preparation to Liftoff, offers a clear and practical roadmap for success

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What You’ll Learn:

Identifying Market Opportunities:

Understand how to assess demand and strategically position your new practice group for success.

Building Your Team: 

Tips for assembling a passionate, skilled team ready to make an impact.

Operational Excellence:

Best practices for establishing efficient, effective operational processes.

Engaging Clients: 

Strategies for introducing your new practice group to the market and building lasting client relationships.

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Dive deep into the strategies and insights that have propelled countless law firms to successfully launch new practice groups. With CEB as your trusted partner, you’re not just launching a new practice group — you’re setting the stage for your firm’s next chapter of success.