In-House Attorneys

In-House attorneys in California have their work cut out for them. You have to support your organization’s business goals, move between multiple practice areas, master California’s complex regulatory framework and court systems, and manage outside counsel, all with limited time and resources. That’s why CEB offers authoritative, California-specific legal research tools and solutions to give you the sophisticated insight and analysis you need to get up-to-speed quickly.

CEB can help:

Gain competence quickly.

Quickly gain competence in diverse areas of California law.

Manage outside counsel.

Manage, or minimize the need for, outside counsel by finding the right answers yourself.

Work smarter to meet client needs.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness so you can meet all your organization’s business needs

Legal Research Solutions

CEB’s complete legal research solution. Get everything CEB offers in your practice area, starting with our authoritative practice guides. Research California, 9th Circuit, and U.S. Supreme Court cases and California statutes. Includes TrueCite™, so you can always be sure the cases you’re citing to contain good law.  

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CEB’s classic online secondary sources solution. Get CEB’s authoritative practice guides, in curated practice area libraries that meet the needs of your practice.  

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MCLE Solutions

Your Passport offers you unlimited CLE with 24/7 access to CEB’s complete library of on-demand CLE videos, with over 600 programs and 900+ to choose from. New content is added every week, so you can be sure there’s always robust coverage of the topics and issues that are relevant to you and your practice. 

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