45th Annual UCLA/CEB Estate Planning Institute

Live Webinar | Thursday, April 20th - Friday, April 21st, 2023 | $399

Only $399 for 2 days of live webinar.

12 Hours of Participatory MCLE / Legal Specialization in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law and Taxation Law.

The Estate Planning Institute covers issues of significant importance to the estate planning specialist, the attorney who handles a moderate number of estate planning cases, professional fiduciaries, and tax professionals. Topics are led by nationally recognized experts and assumes considerable experience in estate planning.

NEW THIS YEAR: EPI Community Forum

EPI sessions often spark high-level and sophisticated conversations with your peers. Those conversations are no longer confined to the chat on the side of the sessions, gone with the end of the session. Continue the conversation on the EPI Community Forum. Make even more lasting and meaningful connections with the presenters and your fellow seasoned Estate Planning practitioners who have valuable experience and perspective to share.  

Your 2023 EPI registration will allow you to access and interact with the Forum for a full year, beginning in April 2023. A full year to bounce ideas around a community of your peers. A full year of conversations about every Estate Planning development as it comes up. A full year of offering and receiving valuable advice and recommendations from others you know. 

“I really believe in what you are doing. I am a better lawyer because of CEB.”

“I really enjoyed this two-day session.”

– Prior EPI Attendees

Speakers you can trust. Sessions relevant to your California practice.

Get the best and brightest new ideas in planning for California estates. The annual UCLA/CEB Estate Planning Institute, now in its 45th year, is a master class taught by experienced practitioners advising on complex trust and estate preparation. Legal professionals, fiduciaries, and tax planners will find value in attending. This two-day training with 12 hours of MCLE and LSCLE credit is essential for staying up to date on sophisticated California estate planning.

Selected speakers and sessions (check back later for more session information):

Premarital Estate Planning & Divorce Awareness Among Estate Planners

Kim Willoughby & Peter M. Walzer | A client’s potential divorce should be considered by the estate planner. Marital agreements should address both divorce and death. The speakers will present opportunities for estate planners to work with family lawyers. The planner can assist with the division of property and the payment of support when the assets are held in preexisting irrevocable trusts. The special issues in “grey divorces” are particularly suited to collaboration between divorce and estate planning counsel.

Trust & Estate Scouting Report: Uncovering Tax and Fiduciary Trends to Better Plan and Prepare

Bill Sanderson | For at least the last two decades, the federal wealth transfer tax has been in a state of continued–sometimes gradual, sometimes fast-paced–evolution. This program will review the landscape of federal legislation dealing with the estate and gift tax, and it will address trends in recent cases, regulatory guidance, and administrative updates that have an impact on estate planning and estate administration.

How to Avoid Litigation in the Planning Stage

John Hartog, Mark Poochigian, & Hon. Reva Goetz (Ret.) | While no estate plan is guaranteed to be litigation proof, well-crafted and carefully drafted plans can reduce the chance of litigation or otherwise speed resolution and reduce cost of disputes between fiduciaries and beneficiaries themselves. Join these presenters as they discuss tools, techniques, and practice tops to help you effectively use the planning stage to craft estate plans and avoid litigation.

Current California Developments

Andrew Pharies | Stay up to date with this discussion of the most important changes to California’s legal landscape and how they impact your estate and trust practice.