Business Law
Whether you’re helping a client form or operate a California business entity, drafting contracts or other commercial transactions, litigating a business dispute, navigating trade secrets issues, or advising companies on related employment issues, CEB has the tools and comprehensive coverage you need.

With CEB’s Business Law research solution, you can: 

Practice Guides

Rely on CEB’s expert community of contributing judges and lawyers to frame and organize the legal issues for you before you dive into case law research or start drafting. The most trusted and comprehensive California-specific practice guides available. 

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Select Forms

Jump-start your drafting with select forms, available as part of many CEB practice guides. 

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Primary Law

Leverage our best-in-class legal search to find the most relevant content, fast. Narrow your results with advanced filters, including court, cause of action, procedural posture, and disposition. Coverage includes California Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and U.S. Supreme Court case law, as well as the California Codes and California Constitution.  

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Is that case still good? Find out at a glance. Color-coded treatment flags let you know immediately whether a case has negative history and which subsequent decision is responsible for the most critical treatment.  

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Included Titles

Expanded! More titles than in the classic OnLAW subscription. All practice guides are fully integrated with CEB’s Primary Law with TrueCite, so you don’t have to switch to a different platform to ensure the cases you’re citing are still good law.

Business Entities 

  • Advising California Nonprofit Corporations
  • Advising California Partnerships
  • Counseling California Corporations
  • Financing and Protecting California Businesses
  • Forming and Operating California Limited Liability Companies
  • Organizing Corporations in California
  • Selecting and Forming Business Entities
  • Understanding Fiduciary Duties in Business Entities

Business Transactions  

  • Business Buy-Sell Agreements
  • California Law of Contracts
  • California UCC Sales and Leases
  • Drafting Business Contracts: Principles, Techniques & Forms
  • Sales and Mergers of California Businesses
  • Secured Transactions in California Commercial Law Practice

Business Litigation  

  • California Civil Procedure Before Trial
  • California Civil Discovery Practice
  • California Business Litigation
  • Debt Collection Practice in California
  • Privacy Compliance and Litigation in California
  • Trade Secrets Practice in California

Employment Law  

  • Drafting Employment Documents for California Employers 
  • Advising California Employers and Employees  
  • CA Wage and Hour Law and Litigation

Intellectual Property  

  • Trade Secrets Practice in California
  • Internet Law and Practice in California

Law Practice Management

  • California Basic Practice Handbook
  • California Client Communications Manual
  • Fee Agreement Forms Manual

State & Local Government

  • California Municipal Law Handbook

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