Contributor Agreement 

Welcome to the community of CEB contributors.  We are honored you have chosen to contribute your expertise to CEB.  We strive to make high-quality legal information accessible to everyone, from rural to solo practices to large law firms.   

You have agreed to provide CEB with Content (as used in this Agreement, “Content” includes, but is not limited to, a program, program materials, a book or part of a book (whether printed or digital), items for our know-how product, and current awareness articles) to use across the CEB platform.  In addition to working with a CEB Content Attorney for general editorial assistance and project management, you agree as follows:   

CEB’s Editorial Discretion 

Your Content will be edited by one of our Content Attorneys and other editorial production staff members.  This may result in substantial changes in content and organization.  A copy of the edited Content may be sent to you for your comments before it is published.  We may also request that consultants review the Content.  Occasional disagreements between our Content Attorneys and contributors about changes are almost always resolved by mutual accommodation—to the ultimate improvement of the Content.  In the unlikely event that we cannot agree, you have the right to require that your name be removed from the Content you worked on, and we have the right to use the material, acknowledging your contribution if you so desire it.   

CEB may choose to update the Content periodically.  It may happen that you will not work on subsequent updates to the Content, which will then be a product of your, our, and the subsequent contributor’s work.  Our judgment may differ from yours, but we will make a good‑faith effort to acknowledge your contribution in a form satisfactory to you. 

Although we fully expect that your Content will be of excellent quality, CEB reserves the right to decide, for any reason at any time before release, not to publish your material.  We think it is most unlikely that this will happen, and we raise this matter only in order to state fully CEB’s customary terms.  In the unlikely event that such a situation should arise, we will return your Content, you will be free to use it in any manner you desire (except for any part constituting material previously published by CEB, with respect to which CEB reserves its copyright), and our arrangement will be considered mutually rescinded. 

Independent Contractor 

You acknowledge and agree that you are an independent contractor and not an employee of CEB or The Regents of the University of California.  Consistent with this status, (i) you have the right to perform services for others while you are working for us; (ii) you have the right to control and direct the manner, method, location, and time by which the services required hereunder are performed, subject to CEB’s editorial process as described in the preceding paragraphs; and (iii) you have no right to any employee benefits or unemployment compensation as a result of your work performed hereunder. 


By this agreement you warrant that the Content you furnish to us and any subsequent modifications you furnish to us (collectively, the “Content”) are original with you unless you indicate clearly what parts of it are quoted or paraphrased from other publications, their source, and permission, if necessary, of the publisher.

In the event that you use material that you have previously authored as an original work, and you have permission to use that material, then the license granted to the Regents of the University in California (described in “License, Consent, and Transfer” below) shall be non-exclusive. 

Consent to Use Your Name, Voice, and Likeness 

Your Content may be video recorded for distribution or public performance via the Internet or otherwise.  By signing this agreement, you consent to being photographed or video recorded; to having sound recordings made of your voice and of statements made by you; to having transcriptions made of your statements; and to having your name and likeness identified and used in any manner in connection with the preparation, reproduction, publication, promotion, sale, and distribution of the Content.  All audio or video recordings (and underlying copyrights) of the Content are the property of The Regents of the University of California. 

License, Consent, and Transfer

You will retain all copyrights to the materials written by you for Content, but hereby grant to The Regents of the University of California (the “Regents”) a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, license to copy and reproduce your written materials; to edit, revise, reorganize, modify, add to, translate, or otherwise change all or any part of, your written materials; to prepare derivative works based on them; to create summaries or extracts of the written materials; to include all or any part of the written materials in a collective work or other compilation; and to publish, print, republish, reprint, use, reuse, distribute, publicly display, transmit, sell, rent, lease, or lend the written materials to the public in any format and in any media now known or later developed. 

The license granted above is an exclusive license for commercial purposes, unless the material was previously published (as set forth in “Warranties” above). You agree you will not, without the written consent of the Regents, publish or cause to be published an abridged or other version of your written materials that would tend to interfere with sales or other distribution of them by the Regents or their agents. Such restrictions will not apply to publication by you for educational or research purposes not of commercial nature. 


In appreciation of your contribution to CEB, when you have completed your work on this project you will have the opportunity to select from a menu of CEB Thank You Rewards.  

Casey Hatton             

Director of Content Operations

Continuing Education of the Bar

Certification of Good Standing

I understand that the content I create with CEB becomes part of California legal discourse and that my professional status is an important aspect of my credential to author this content.

I am not the subject of any disciplinary actions or investigations by any licensing or regulatory agencies and I have not had my license to practice law revoked or suspended in any jurisdiction. If either of these statements changes, I agree to immediately notify CEB in writing.