CEB Case Studies

As a not-for-profit program of the University of California, CEB is driven by the needs of the California legal community rather than by profit margins. We are pleased to share our customers’ success stories from the CEB community of California attorneys.

CEB Case Study: OnLAW Pro. Evan Walker
“When it comes to online research, I exclusively use CEB. The goal is finding something quickly and finding something on point. As a solo attorney, one that’s contingency-based, I don’t have the time to spend six hours to research some nebulous issue. I need to know the answer, and I need to know it now.”
CEB Case Study: OnLAW. James Creighton
“In my area of law, if you misplace a comma, people can lose property. So it has to be very precise. And that’s probably the reason I like it. Whatever I find will be accurate.”
CEB Case Study: OnLAW Pro. Gary Winter
“The service we were receiving and have received for years has been consistent; it’s been thoughtful and collaborative and kind. That’s meaningful to us.”
CEB Case Study: CA Criminal Law Procedure & Practice. Alaleh Kamran
“First of all, it carries great respect. When you quote from it, the court is not going to sit there and question whether you have the law right or not. And then, because it is so detailed and so up-to-date, you know when you open your mouth you are not just shooting from the hip. You have credibility.”