Small Firms

Small firms are the backbone of the California legal industry, but only the most successful firms are able to grow their businesses by increasing efficiency and taking on more clients. That’s why CEB offers the most comprehensive, California-specific legal research tools and solutions. By giving you the answers you need, fast, CEB empowers your firm to streamline the intensive, case- and matter-specific research that you can bill for, so you and your partners can handle more legal matters in the same amount of time.

CEB can help:

Spend less time on research

Take on more clients and increase the percentage of time you can spend on billable matters.

Be more responsive

Answer complex legal questions, faster, so you can be more responsive to client demands and expectations.

Level the playing field

Level the playing field with larger firms by leveraging sophisticated analysis of the procedural and substantive issues in your practice area

Legal Research Solutions

The only California-specific legal know-how tool. CEB’s workflow solution allows you to go beyond practice guides and case law research to focus on the quick and professional completion of specific legal tasks while understanding the broader context of your legal matter. Practitioner’s Workflows, How-To Guides, Strategy Notes, Charts, Checklists, and Sample Documents are organized in an intuitive, task-based interface and are searchable by practice area, resource type, and jurisdiction, so you can get the procedural guidance and substantive analysis you need at a glance.

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CEB’s complete legal research solution. Get everything CEB offers in your practice area, starting with our authoritative practice guides. Research California, 9th Circuit, and U.S. Supreme Court cases and California statutes. Includes TrueCite™, so you can always be sure the cases you’re citing to contain good law.

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MCLE Solutions

Your Passport offers you unlimited CLE with 24/7 access to CEB’s complete library of on-demand CLE videos, with over 600 programs and 900+ to choose from. New content is added every week, so you can be sure there’s always robust coverage of the topics and issues that are relevant to you and your practice.

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