Criminal Law
CEB can help you navigate the multi-faceted world of criminal practice, where the stakes are high and the process is complex. Whether you are an experienced prosecutor or defense attorney with a high level of professional expertise, or a criminal practice novice looking for the best legal strategy for your particular case, the tools are all here to answer your questions and guide you to an ethical and vigorous representation of both rights and justice. You can count on the proven track record of CEB’s irreplaceable “crim law bible” and its companion resources.

With CEB’s Criminal Law practice guides, you can:

Practice Guides

Rely on CEB’s expert community of contributing judges and lawyers to frame and organize the legal issues for you before you dive into case law research or start drafting. The most trusted and comprehensive California-specific practice guides available. 

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Select Forms

Jump-start your drafting with select forms, available as part of many CEB practice guides.

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Links to Cited Authority

Link directly to the cases and statutes cited in your practice guides. 

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Simple Search

Easy-to-use search function that lets you search keywords, cases, statutes, and forms. Allows you to approximate Boolean and terms and connectors. 

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Included Titles

Your OnLAW subscription includes the practice guides listed below:

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