Everything you need to meet your MCLE compliance deadline.

Running out of time to shop for specific CLE programs before your compliance deadline or need help finding the freshest and most relevant courses in your field? Each Compliance Package provides the required 25 hours of MCLE credit in the practice area of your choice and offers you a curated, vetted bundle of high-quality, timely on-demand programs that fulfill all your required compliance hours. Choose from our Business Law, Employment Law, Trusts & Estates, Family Law, Law Practice Management, Litigation Practice and Procedure, or Real Property Compliance Packages, all of which include the California Bar’s mandated six hours of Legal Ethics, Competence Issues, and Elimination of Bias. For those needing only special requirements, we also offer a six-hour Ethics Plus package.   

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Advising the Small Business

Practical coverage for attorneys representing small businesses with ongoing operations, including handling a remote workforce, commercial lease renegotiation, classification of workers and contractors, and avoiding discrimination and harassment lawsuits.

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Business Law

Expert coverage of intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, sales, leases, consumer privacy, representing startups, contract formation and disputes, business formation, regulatory compliance, UCC transactions, financing, essential business operations, and more.

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Business Entity Formation and Structure

Useful MCLE that guides you through choosing an entity, structuring a new business or nonprofit entity, as well as other considerations such as protecting officers and directors, financing, staffing and regulatory compliance.

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Criminal Law

Practical MCLE for the criminal law attorney covering everything from misdemeanors and DUI defense to death penalty cases, and exploring topics such as criminal procedure, cross examination of witnesses , character evidence, sentencing, and sex offender registration.

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Employment Law

Coverage of key issues for attorneys litigating employment disputes or advising employers, including workplace culture, independent contractors, discrimination & harassment, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), leave laws, retaliation and wrongful termination, wage and hour claims, and more.

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Ethics Plus!

CEB’s Ethics Plus package includes the six MCLE hours you need to satisfy the California Bar’s mandated hours of Legal Ethics, Competence Issues, and Elimination of Bias.

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Family Law

Topical MCLE for the family law attorney, including child and spousal support, parentage, custody and visitation, division of property and retirement plans, family law tax issues, and domestic violence.

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Litigation Practice & Procedure

Practical MCLE covering all aspects of litigation practice and procedure, including civil procedure before and during trial, evidence, discovery, personal injury, insurance, causes of action, arbitration, and mediation.

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Real Property

Coverage of land use, real estate transactions, CEQA, landlord-tenant issues, zoning, the California Coastal Act, easements, eminent domain, commercial insurance, leasing, 1031 Exchanges, construction issues, and more.

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Trusts & Estates

California’s best, most comprehensive MCLE coverage of estate planning, trust and probate administration, elder law, conservatorships, trust-related tax issues, and more.

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CLE Features


Available for individuals and firms, our Passport gives you unlimited access to our entire CLE Library. This package is ideal for the attorney or firm who wants to foster professional development, increase legal knowledge, in addition to CalBar compliance.  

Why people love CLEPassport:

– Choose your own courses

– Quality content for a fixed, flat rate

– Sample any course until you find the right fit

– Access the latest courses year-round

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Compliance Packages

This package is ideal for the individual attorney who wants a curated bundle of topical, relevant courses in the practice area of their choice. All 25 hours of content are chosen for you within the practice area, and include the required Legal Ethics, Competence Issues, and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society hours.  

Why people love Compliance Packages:

– Practice-area specific packages

– Quality programs from experts in your field

– Achieve compliance with relevant content

– Straight forward, reasonable pricing

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Need a few extra MCLE credits or have your eye on a few specific courses? With this package, the individual attorney gets a 6- or 12-credit pass to CEB’s entire CLE library.  

Why people love CourePass:

– Choose your final courses to achieve CalBar compliance

– Easier financial commitment for access to quality content

– Access the latest courses as long as you have credits available

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