Litigation Compliance Package

Includes Titles:

Key Developments in Civil Procedure 2020
Key Developments in Civil Procedure 2021 (available December 2021)
A Procedural Guide on How to Proceed when a Plaintiff or Defendant is Deceased or Dies Mid-Litigation
Working with the New Rules of Discovery in State Court – A Discussion – Moderated by Kathy Gallo
Seven Ways To Quash A Subpoena
Civil Litigation and COVID-19: Justice Need Not Be Delayed
13 Routinely Helpful Cross-Examination Questions
Anti-SLAPP 101
How to Properly Prepare and Serve a CCP Section 998 Offer
Tips for Drafting Contention Interrogatories
Quelling Clients’ Fear of Video Mediation (And Yours Too)

What to Do When You’re Removed to Federal Court
Privacy Issues for the Use of Cloud Technologies and Remote Work Platforms
Tips for Taking an Effective Deposition
Overview of the CA Consumer Privacy Act
Key Developments in Legal Ethics 2020
Key Developments in Legal Ethics 2021 (available December 2021)
Implicit Bias around Identity and Intersectionality in the Legal Profession
Well-Being for Attorneys: How to Avoid Burnout and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
How to Avoid Conflict of Interest in Your Law Practice
The Ethics of Multi Jurisdictional Practice
Tips for Success and Pitfalls to Avoid in Arbitration
Recognizing, Preventing & Addressing Elder Financial Abuse