Business Law Compliance Package

Includes Titles:

Key Developments in Business Law 2019
An Overview of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Law
Bankruptcy: The Basics and How It Affects Every Area of Law: Real Estate / Student Loans / Taxes / Estate Planning / Family Law/ Debt
Privacy Issues For the Use of Cloud Technologies and Remote Work Platforms
Legal Funding Tools for Early Stage Start-Ups
Looking at Force Majeure In Light of the Global Pandemic – From Boilerplate to Focus
Navigating Reaffirmation Agreements
How to Form a Tax-Exempt, Nonprofit Corporation in California
Terminology of Bankruptcy
Understanding Adversarial Proceedings For New Bankruptcy Practitioners
Handling a Remote Work Force and Return to Work Considerations in the Age of COVID-19

Representing the Startup: Organizing the New Enterprise
Representing the Startup: Early Equity & Employment Problems
Representing the Startup: Early-Stage IP Protection Strategies
Representing the Startup: Tip, Traps and Trends in Early-Stage Financing
Intellectual Property Protection for Business Owners
Key Developments in Legal Ethics 2019
Electronically Stored Information and the Ethical Duty of Competence
Social Media, Politics, Free Speech and the New Work Place
Developments in Sexual Orientation Discrimination Under Title VII and FEHA
Well-Being for Attorneys: How to Avoid Burnout and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle