Legal Ethics Courses

Available Programs:

Closing Your Law Practice – 1 hr
Social Media, Politics, Free Speech and the New Work Place – 1.25 hrs
How Client Entanglements Can Jeopardize Your License – 1 hr
How To Hang Your Shingle: Attracting Clients – 1 hr
A Procedural Guide on How to Proceed when a Plaintiff or Defendant is Deceased or Dies Mid-Litigation – 1.0 hrs
Change the Picture. Change the Conversation: Understanding the Paradigm of Disability – 1 hr
The 42nd Annual UCLA/CEB Estate Planning Institute: The New Rules of Professional Conduct in California of Particular Interest to Trusts and Estates Lawyers (2020) – 1.5 hrs
The 42nd Annual UCLA/CEB Estate Planning Institute (2020) – 11.50 hrs
How to Hang Your Shingle: Getting Paid – 1 hr
Closing Your Law Practice – 1 hr
How To Hang Your Shingle: Managing Risk – 1.25 hrs
Key Developments in Legal Ethics 2019 – 1.75 hrs
Judicial Behavior in the Courtroom – 1.5 hr
Defending Your Online Reputation as an Attorney – 1.25 hrs
7th Annual Cultural Competency in Family Law Practice: Lunch With Your Family Law Judge – 1 hr
Conservatorships: The Basics 2019 – 5.5 hrs
An Overview of Capacity and Undue Influence – 1.5 hrs
How to Hang Your Shingle: Managing Risk – 1.5 hrs (Including 1.5 hrs of Legal Ethics credit)
The Importance of IT Hygiene for Attorneys – 1.5 hrs
Fee Agreements: A Lawyer’s Most Effective Tool to Manage Expectations, Protect Themselves, and Get Paid – 1 hr
Ethics & Malpractice Issues: Protection Tips for Estate and Trusts Attorneys – 2.5 hrs
Key Developments in Legal Ethics 2018 – 2 hrs
Complying with the New Trust Accounting Rules – 1.5 hrs
Legal Ethics Online – 1 hr
Ethically Navigating Local and State Licensing for Cannabis Businesses – 1 hr
The New Rules of Professional Conduct: What All Attorneys Need to Know – 1.5 hrs
Basics of Estate Planning: The Initial Client Meeting – 1.5 hrs
Basics of Estate Planning: Planning for Incapacity – 1.5 hrs
Basics of Estate Planning: Ethics & Professional Responsibility – 1.75 hrs
California Consumer Privacy Act: How it Might Affect Your Business – 1 hr
What Trial Lawyers Need to Know about Appeals – 1 hr
The Ethics of Social Media – 1 hr
The Basics 2018: Family Law Client Intake, Preliminary Case Considerations, and Law Practice Management – 1.5 hrs
Protecting Client Privacy in the Cloud – 1 hr
Ethical Landmines In Fiduciary Representation – 1.5 hrs
EPI 2018: Clients with Diminished Capacity: Facts, Strategies, and Ethics – 1 hr
New Year, New Bar, New Rules of Professional Conduct – 1 hr
2017 Top 20: Legal Ethics – 1.5 hrs
Social Media Evidence in Family Law Cases – 1.5 hrs
The Basics 2017: Clients and Practice Management – 1.5 hrs
The Personal Injury Basics: Causes of Action and Filing a Complaint or Answer – 1 hr
Family Law Judge Roundtable – 1 hr
The Revocable Trust Drafting Process – 3 hrs
The Simple Will Drafting Process – 2.5 hrs
Ethically Working with Contract Attorneys – 1 hr (Including 1 hr of Ethics credit)
Prosecutorial Error in Discovery: Brady and Beyond – 1 hr
Selling or Transferring Your Practice – 1 hr
Fiduciary Duties Under the Probate Code – 3 hrs
Ethically Settling Your Case – 1 hr (Including 1 hr of Legal Ethics credit)
Case Interrupted: What To Do When Your Client Dies – 1 hr
Ethically Mediating Family Law Cases – 1.5 hrs
Ethics for Attorneys Handling Appeals – 1 hr
The Art of Billing – 1 hr
The Basics: Initial Case Evaluation – 1.5 hrs
The Basics: Discovery Basics – 1.5 hrs
The Basics: How To Be An Ethical Trusts & Estates Attorney – 1.5 hrs
The Basics: The Will After Death…The Probate Process – 1.5 hrs
The Basics: Post-mortem Trust Administration – 1.5 hrs
Head in the Cloud, Fingertips on the Keyboard – Managing Client Information and Your Practice in the 21st Century – 1.25 hrs
Electronically Stored Information and the Ethical Duty of Competence – 1 hr
The Art & Science of Appellate Oral Argument – 1.5 hrs
Written Discovery Planning – 1.5 hrs
EPI 2015—An Attorney’s Guide to Ethically Navigating the Social Media Landscape – 1 hr
Recent Developments in California Legal Ethics 2016 – 2 hrs
FAQs: The Lawyer’s Duty of Confidentiality – 1 hr
Ten Things You Should Know About Civil Appeals – 1 hr
Strategic Tips for Compelling Discovery Responses – 3 hrs
Summary Judgment: Brief Writing, Case Theme, Evidence, Burden Shifting and Declarations – 1.25 hrs
Summary Judgment: Identifying Disputed Material Facts, Opposing Legal Argument & Facts, Reframing the Issues, Evidentiary Objections, and the Reply Brief – 1.25 hrs
Preparing Witnesses for Deposition and Trial – 3 hrs
Lien and Mean: Effectively Dealing with Liens During Litigation and at Trial – 3.0 hrs
Estate Accounting: Discharging Fiduciary Responsibility