Competence Courses

Available Programs:

Immigration Attorney Trauma Response and Client Best Practices – .75 hr
Well-Being for Attorneys: How to Avoid Burnout and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle – 1 hr
Coping Effectively with Stress and Trauma Exposure in your Legal Practice – 1.5 hrs
How to Train Your Brain for Success with Less Stress- 1 hr
Competence and Addiction – 1 hr
Attorney Wellness – 1 hr
Competency Issues: Attorney Wellness And Substance Abuse – 1.25 hrs
The New Rules of Professional Conduct: Discrimination and Competence – 1 hr
The Mind of an Attorney – 1.5 hrs
Incorporating Mindfulness into Your Law Practice – 1.5 hrs (including 1 hour of Competence Credit)
The Basics 2017: Clients and Practice Management – 1.5 hrs
Director and Officer Fiduciary Duties and Liability – 1.5 hrs
Avoiding and Addressing Attorney Burnout – 1 hr