David B. Gaw

DAVID B. GAW, founder of Gaw Van Male in Napa, had a unique vision from the very beginning. Upon his graduation from Hastings College of the Law, Dave saw an opportunity to start his career in the Napa Valley, which was quickly blossoming into the epicenter of the California wine industry. Napa Valley has since grown into a world-class destination for forward thinking entrepreneurs; producing a significant number of high net worth individuals in the process. Gaw Van Male has also grown. With 13 estate planning attorneys on staff, Gaw Van Male is known nation-wide as the premier high-end estate planning firm in California. Dave is both a Certified Specialist in Probate, Estate Planning, and Trust Law, and a Certified Elder Law Attorney. Through The Gaw System Approach, Dave has attracted a statewide client base, drafting over 5,000 estate plans, and frequently providing cutting-edge legal solutions to ensure clients’ generational succession planning. Innovative practice techniques are critical for creating value for unique, high net-worth individuals and he Napa Valley’s concentration of this type of clientele has allowed Dave to further refine his advanced estate planning System. Dave is a contributing author to California Trust Administration (2d ed Cal CEB 2001) and related CEB Action Guides.